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Clark Kent & Lois Lane (Smallville)
Cordelia Chase & Angel (Angel)
Jason Morgan & Sam McCall (General Hospital)
Robin Scorpio & Patrick Drake (General Hospital)
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jasam thirty day challenge: day two → favorite quote

Jason: Just tell me what happened the day the baby died.

Sam: I don’t know. I was unconscious from the time I collapsed until I woke up in I.C.U. a day later. You were there watching over me, and I had asked you if I could see my baby, and before you could say anything, I - I could see it in your eyes, you know, and I knew she was gone. I just, I wouldn’t let myself believe it, I couldn’t.

Jason: Did I say anything?

Sam: That my baby had died.  And I just, oh, gosh, I - I started screaming and I called you a liar and I told you to get out, and I think I - I even started hitting you. And you were just trying to hold me and comfort me, and then I think a nurse came in and gave me a sedative because I had slept for a little while. And when I woke up, I came up here… because I wanted to find her. I wasn’t supposed to be out of bed, but I had to find her.  I found you instead.

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I miss you so much, Jason. We both do. I tell Danny about you every day. Gosh, there’s so much about him that reminds me of you. Right? And I still feel like… I get the sense that you’re still here… that you are, at any time, just gonna come home and walk through that door. But I know that’s not true.